Sally BBQ Joint

Put Your Speedy Service to the Test With Sally BBQ Joint!

Get ready for a mad dash in this Sally BBQ Joint game, because dozens of rugged construction workers, football players, and even burly bears are lining up to get some grub! You have to run to each kettle, fire up a steak, and cook it before each customer gets to the end of the line. Send that plate sliding down, and they’ll gobble the whole thing up in seconds! Bus your tables to earn extra cash.

Nobody Goes Hungry Today

Speaking of cash, you can use yours to buy upgrades for faster service. Help Sally run faster from one kettle to another. Or, you can spend money to help her cook faster. You can even put points into bigger steaks! Whatever you do, don’t let anybody go hungry (especially those big bears). We hope you’ll have as much fun as we did with Sally BBQ Joint.