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Salazar The Alchemist


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Don’t Stand Too Close To His Cauldron…

Phew, we don’t know what that creepy old guy is brewing in this Salazar The Alchemist game, but we highly recommend that you don’t drink it. Well, you can at least help him put the ingredients together. His goal is to combine enough simple ingredients (you know, eye of newt, that kind of thing) to produce an amazing artifact. Connect at least three at a time to upgrade to the next ingredient.

Help Salazar The Alchemist Conjure The Ultimate Artifact

You need to keep making those matches so that you can upgrade the clovers to mushrooms, the mushrooms to skulls, and the skulls to – well, you’ll find out. Try not to think about the slimy, creepy ingredients that you’re handing Salazar – just get those combos and rack up the points! When you’ve finally achieved the ultimate artifact in Salazar The Alchemist, you’ll know it.