Sailor Pop

Help Free Our Fishy Friends In Sailor Pop

Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze as you float over a stunning rainbow of colorful fish in this Sailor Pop game. It’s not all vacation, though – the fish need your help! There are so many of them crammed together like, well, sardines, that they can’t move. Find groups of two or more same-colored fish and tap to free them. Try not to leave anyone behind – you can’t level up until you free enough fishies.  

If Not For The Fishies, Do It For The Treasure

That’s right, there is treasure down there, and it’s buried right underneath the huge school of fish! Pop enough fish and let all of that gold and silver float to the surface so you can grab it. If you see a pearl, make sure to tap it quickly, because it will free all fish of that color. Especially if you’ve never seen a fish party before, you’re going to love Sailor Pop.