Run Panda Run

Run Panda Run!

Get ready to be a black-and-white blur in this Run Panda Run game! Who knew that these cute bears could run so fast? What’s more, you’ll be doing a lot more than running. Jump and flip your way over snowmen, penguins, and other obstacles. The longer you run, the more points you score in this endless arcade game. Grab some coins for a boost, and see if you can beat a score of 100!

Watch Out For That...Too Late

This game will really test your reflexes, which is why we get such a thrill from it. You’re running so fast that the huge gaps seem to come out of nowhere! Be ready to tap, because you’ll only have a few precious milliseconds to make your move. Oh, and don’t trust the bridges, either. You’re not as light as you used to be. Ready to show of your skills in Run Panda Run?