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Play Rummikub game online

Set all of your number tiles on the board before your opponents do! Mix and match the tiles that are already on the board, add your own and use jokers to get rid of all your tiles first.  Master Rummikub and combine strategy with luck!

Who can play Rummikub?

  • Recommended from 8 years and up

  • Difficulty - medium

How to play Rummikub game 

  • Rummikub rules are quite simple - at the beginning of the game, there are 14 tiles with colorful numbers on them for each player. Match at least three of them together - a sequence of numbers of the same color, or a set of the same number in different colors.

  • To make your first move, the sum of the numbers you play out must be 30 or more. When placing your first tiles on the board, you cannot interact with any of the tiles already on board.

  • There are two joker tiles in the game, symbolized with a face icon. Jokers can replace any number of any color when placed in a sequence or set.

  • When you have made the first initial move, you can also use the sequences and sets that are played out on the board - add numbers or mix them around in other sets. The played-out tiles cannot be picked up again, thus must always find a place in a set or sequence of three tiles.

  • If you can't make a move, pick up a tile.

  • The first person to play all of their tiles wins the game!


  • Use your mouse to choose and move tiles around

  • To move a whole sequence or set, click and hold on the tile that is on the left side of the set

  • On the right side of the game screen, press the 789 button to automatically organize your tiles in sequential order by color, or the 777 button to organize them by number

About Rummikub game

Rummikub was invented in the early 1930s and yet it is still entertaining people more than ninety years later! This strategic game has fascinated generations after generations, all because the more you play, the more strategies you learn and can play out. Besides, as you upgrade levels and become more advanced, you will be paired with people that are the same or even higher level. Rummikub is a fight of luck and strategic thinking!

After every game, you will see a scoreboard. The winner is the only one who gets points - the amount is equal to the sum of the numbers showed on the tiles the rest of the players did not get to play out. The other players get point subtraction, which is taken off from their level upgrade score. That sum is equal to the numbers on the tiles they each did not play out.

If you are up to training your brain some more, check out our thinking games category, which includes games that require strategic thinking. However, if you want to play more board games, you can also play our collection of board games available in digital form on our website!


  • Make custom games

  • Play online with people from around the world

  • Play a private game with friends

  • Collect points from games and upgrade your level

  • Save your score even when you leave the page


Web browser (mobile and desktop)

Release date

March 7, 2018


Rummikub was developed by Kinkajoo


  • How to play Rummikub? 
    See the instructions above for the Rummikub rules.

  • Can I play Rummikub on my computer?
    Yes, you can play Rummikub on any browser on

  • What is the initial play or initial meld? 
    That is the first time you play out any tiles. The numbers displayed on the tiles must sum up to thirty or higher. You may place multiple sequences or sets in the initial play, but you cannot use the tiles previously played out by other players.

  • Is Rummkub a board game?
    Yes, Rummikub is a board game.