Rope Ninja

You May Not Have Wings, But They Do…

Hurl yourself from one floating platform to the next in this Rope Ninja game, where your years of training could save your life. Watch closely as the master demonstrates his perfect technique for you. When you’re ready to begin, wait for the bird to fly directly over the next platform, and – SQUAWK! – you’ve roped it perfectly. Even the slightest mistake will cost you dearly, so be swift and accurate.

Master Rope Ninja With Timing And Control

You will soon learn to time your throws perfectly, but did you know that you can control how far you swing based on how long you hold down after tapping? If you realize that you’re going to overshoot your platform, just let go early. We would tell you not to forget the coins, but if you’re too distracted by them, down you go! Will you be the next Rope Nina master?