Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed In Robotion

If you’ve got a thing for circuits and wires, Robotion is sure to give you a fun fix. Help our robot pals network with each other by connecting them using wires. Be careful, though – you have to leave room for everybody to link up! If you take the wrong path, you won’t be able to advance to the next level. Once you get everybody connected to their matching robot buddy, you can move on! But wait, what are those gear-looking things?

Cogs Are The Key

If you just had to connect the robots, it would be a breeze. What if we told you that you have to get all three cog tokens in a single line, though? If you want to get a great score anyway, you will have to do plenty of head-scratching to make this happen. Ready to make sparks fly with this fun and quirky Robotion game?