Um, A Little Help Here…

I do so humbly request your assistance, hero, in reassembling my Robotex components. It seems that after my last battle, which was particularly ferocious, a few screws were knocked loose. On my way home, well, I just fell apart! I’m not the only one in need of help, either. Once you get me back together, I have 19 friends who would love your assistance as well. Are you up for the task?

Know Your Robots To Master This Robotex Game

If you are to help these cool robots get put back together, you will need a keen eye for matching pieces together and solving puzzles. Thankfully, we have blueprints available for you to work from, so all you need to do is match each of the robot pieces with the outline from the blueprint. Best of luck, and remember – your assistance will help the Robotex bots defend Earth!