Road Fight

Race The Cars, The Clock, And Yourself

Battle hungry opponents on an unforgiving road in Road Fight, the game that pits you against some of the toughest racers in online gaming. Slipping through clusters of racers isn’t your only worry. In this game, you’ll have to keep your fuel reserves up and sprint down the strip within the allotted time. If you glance off of one of your opponents’ bumpers while passing, you might still make it. Hit them squarely and, well, kaboom!

Get Ready For A Vicious Road Fight

If you can manage to stay fueled and out of the way of your opponents as you streak by them, you just may come out on top. But who’s to say that simply surviving is good enough? Every time you make it to the end, see if you can beat your time on the next try. That’s what makes this Road Fight game so fun and addicting – the thrill of victory and the hunger for more.