Ritual Duel

An Epic Battle Is Brewing

Leave it up to that nasty witch to challenge you, a master shaman, to a Ritual Duel. What nerve she has! You’ll show her. Collect as many elixirs as you can so that you can blast her with some serious “JuJu” when the time comes. You’re more than powerful enough to defeat her, but you would be a fool to underestimate her. If you don’t collect enough elixir, she will curse you into oblivion!  

Don’t Blink In Ritual Duel

Time is of the essence, so if you miss even a single elixir, you’re not going to make it. Scramble around as quickly as you can to collect the falling potions in your cauldron. If you can hang on for long enough, you’ll be able to give that old hag the curse that she deserves! Get those fingers ready, because this Ritual Duel game requires speed and stamina.