Rise Up

Rise Up Will Have You Bouncing Off The Walls!

We don’t know how you get into these messes, but somehow you begin Rise Up in a never-ending tower. Some floors in this tower have walls for you to safely bounce off of, but some just drop off. You have to jump your way up with perfect timing to avoid falling to your doom! If you can manage to climb high enough, you will see your score do the same.  

Think Ahead, Stay Alive

Thankfully, you can see several floors above you at any given time so that you know what you’re about to jump into. This allows you to take your time and plan out your next maneuver if you see multiple floors that have drop-offs. Always make sure that if you decide to wait, you have two solid walls to bounce off of. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to make it to triple digits in our Rise Up game!