Riddle Cubes

Prepare For A Fierce Mental Battle

If you have a knack for spotting patterns and organizing, Riddle Cubes may just be a calling of yours. You start with a backdrop of several dozen stones, on which you and your opponent will take turns placing cubes. If either of you can get four in a row in any direction, you score! Of course, the more that you line the cubes up on the outside, the fewer places you can place them on the inside, so choose wisely.

Best The Computer Or A Friend In Riddle Cubes

Trust us, the computer is no slouch. If you hesitate or make a wrong move, they will capitalize on it and rack up points without mercy. Look at all the angles before you place a cube because any line of four can be scored at any time. Be sneaky to win. We hope you also have hours of fun playing this Riddle Cubes game!