Red Panda Surfer

Get Ready For A Crazy Ride!

The streets are lined with gold and the Red Panda Surfer is ready to claim it! Hop on your board and dash through the city as you scoop up coins, but be careful, because there is construction all over the place. Zip from left to right and, if you need to, leap entirely over any obstacles in your way. If you so much as clip the corner of an obstacle, your ride is over.  

Help Red Panda Surfer With Cool Upgrades

We love the upgrade system built into this arcade game because it challenges you to earn more coins. Switch to a different character or even upgrade your board as you go for that epic high score! It will take you a while to unlock them all, but once you do, those city streets will be yours for the taking. Get ready for fast action and plenty of thrills with this Red Panda Surfer game.