Rapunzel Tower

This Posh Prince Is in for a Serious Climb

She let down her hair like she’s supposed to, and it’s still not long enough to reach the bottom of Rapunzel Tower! “Never fear,” says our dashing prince, “I will simply meet her halfway.” He sets off to leap and bound his way up the tower, but he quickly realizes that it is no easy task. The platforms are aren’t exactly safe, and there are nasty crows about! Good thing the prince is really good at jumping.

Gear Up to Climb Farther up Rapunzel Tower

To help you go higher, find as many brushes as you can and trade them in for cool upgrades! Use a magical magnet to attract brushes from far away, grab a safety net to help you if you fall, or use a “survive one hit” upgrade to give you a second chance. How far will you journey for love in this Rapunzel Tower game?