It’s A Revolving Door of Awesomeness!

What better way to celebrate free online games in the age of excess than to have a popular games of the week category that’s never finished? That’s right, every week, we refresh this selection of our top games to spice up your routine with something new and exciting. You can always head over to our popular online games section to see something you’ve never seen before. Immerse yourself in a thrilling mystery where you chase clue after clue until you finally get your man. Lead an army of battle-hardened soldiers into battle. Hop on a bike and do some insane tricks. You never know what you’re going to find, but we guarantee that you’ll have a great time when checking out our most popular online games in this selection. The best part? It will encourage you to try something you may have never tried before.

We’ve Handpicked the Most Popular Online Games

Another great way to play your way through the absolute best of the best online games is to simply visit our home page, Kiloo.comSee all those games towards the top of that huge list? They’re featured there for a reason. After thoroughly testing and reviewing these titles, we have found them worthy of a front-page spot. You’ll also see this selection refreshed as we find new games to feature. The industry is constantly producing new and awesome games, so we will never stop searching for the best titles to bring you. What’s more, you can even jump to a category from our home page and start exploring from there. Why not give something new a try?

Every Game at Your Fingertips

Now, we know that some people like to have absolutely every option in front of them instead of just a featured selection. For that reason, we have still made it an option for you to simply head to our “master list” of online gamesOn this page, you can see absolutely every game we currently have featured on our site. A warning before you head over there, though: If you are an indecisive person, this might be tough for you! Why? Because we have hundreds upon hundreds (upon hundreds) of games on this page! They aren’t broken down into categories, so you can just hop from one to the other as you please. Imagine playing an action-packed survival shooter one moment, and a hilarious clicker the next! The possibilities are endless.

Find Your Play Style

It’s easy to get overwhelmed a little bit when browsing our massive library of the most popular online games around, so we want to take this moment to give you a little advice. Don’t worry about playing absolutely every game. Just find something new that makes you think. Find something that makes you laugh, or scratch your head, or even say, “What the heck was that?” Just find a new experience, and you may discover a new favorite genre or play style. That’s what Kiloo is all about – helping you discover new ways to have fun and learn. We’ll see you in our popular games of the week section!