Poop It

Clean Up On Aisle…Everywhere

If you’re not above bathroom humor, our Poop It game will surely provide lots of laughs and entertainment. We don’t know how it got there, but there is poop everywhere! If you are to have any hopes of cleaning this stinky mess up, you will need to be quick because you are against the clock. Tap or click on every messy mound to squish it and advance to the next round. If you see two different colors, get them all to the same color to move on.

Quick Thinking Prevails In Poop It

There’s no time to point the finger at your friend who came over and made this mess – you have to use that finger to squish these sloppy piles! Move as quickly as you can, because at the end of each level you are given a time bonus. Can you clear more than ten levels in Poop It?