Pirate Kid

Platform Jumping Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

If you crave the thrill of adventure on the high seas, then load up this Pirate Kid game and jump into the action! Leap bravely from one platform to the next as you grab glittering diamonds and avoid those pesky enemies. Crabs scuttle back and forth, waiting to ambush you. Monkey pirates sneer at you from behind their eyepatches. Oh, and don’t jump too high, because those pelicans will get you!

A True Pirate Kid Lives for Treasure

The longer you can run for, the faster you’ll go. Grab as much treasure as you can without getting taken out by one of the baddies. That’s what a real pirate lives for, after all: treasure! How many diamonds can you swipe in a single run? You want to get enough to brag to your buddies back on the ship, don’t you? Good luck, Pirate Kid.