Piggy Night

Ever Heard the Saying, “When Pigs Fly”?

In this Piggy Night game, they really do. Send your pig flying from floating orb to floating orb by tapping the screen. Sounds easy, right? Not when there are creepy aliens guarding each one! They really don’t want you to reach the mothership, and they’re super curious about how bacon tastes. Anyway, in order to keep climbing upward, it will take timing, skill and a quick hand. Whatever you do, don’t let those sneering circles get you!´

Shoot the Gap for a Piggy Night High Score

Fortunately for you, the enemy follows a predictable patrol route in this fun arcade game. They will circle around the orbs constantly, trying to keep you out. All you have to do is look for the tiniest gap in their procession, and ZIP! Shoot the gap! Better yet, if you find a shield, you’ll be able to survive a hit. Enjoy Piggy Night, and protect your bacon.