Pigeon Bomber

Deliver Your Explosive Payload

You’re not exactly a World War II pilot, but hey, a Pigeon Bomber still counts. Where war pilots had to watch for mountain peaks hidden in the clouds, you have to watch out for stop lights. Instead of enemy fighters, you have to dodge birds of prey. Best of all, your payload isn’t a bomb at all – it’s bird doo doo! Nail as many unsuspecting pedestrians as you can!

Keep Your Pigeon Bomber Alive

It’s easy to get distracted with all of the hilarious action of “bombing” innocent pedestrians, but make sure to pay attention to the stoplights, hawks, and even UFOs in your way because they can easily take you out. Also, when you swoop down to grab “fuel” (potato chips), make sure you climb back up quickly because you might smash into a pole. Good luck, Godspeed, and have fun playing this funny Pigeon Bomber game!