Pie Attack

The Most Delicious Shooting Game Ever

Whether it’s an evil clown or a more devilish foe, for whatever reason, you find yourself the target of a vicious pie attack. In this game, which uses delicious desserts as ammunition, your objective is simple. You must simply hurl pies at as many bad guys as you can. There are two keys to finding success in this game: speed and accuracy. Move too quickly and you may “take out” an innocent civilian. Act too slowly and you yourself will be nailed by a pie. If you miss your target, you guessed it – you will be nailed with a pie.  

Climb As Many Floors As You Can In Pie Attack

Now that you know how to survive in Pie Attack, you have but one thing left to do: go for the record! You will keep moving up and up until you’ve finally taken one too many pies to the face. Make sure you’ve got your clicking hand warmed up before you boot up this pie attack game because this means war.