Physics Games

Bend the Laws of Nature with These Physics Games!

Since day one of the arcade era, players have been flying, running, jumping and bouncing their way through level after level of fun physics obstacles. We made sure that our free physics game category combined the best features from these classics with some more modern tricks. If you want to truly master this category, you will have to bounce, roll, fall and chop with style and grace. Think you’re the most coordinated one out of your friends? If so, “jump” into this category and show us what you’ve got! 


Speaking of jumping, one of the most essential skills for a physics games champion involves jumping over and across obstacles, enemies and hazards. Back in the days when it was just a joystick and a single button, jumping was all you had! We’ve kept that tradition up in this category. You will have to bounce on baddies, leap across deadly gaps and hop over flying debris if you want to stay alive. Think it’s easier to stay on the ground? According to one bruised up bear, that’s not necessarily true.


Rolling may seem easier than jumping, but Bear On A Scooter may tell you a different story. Rolling in physics games is a surprisingly fun and difficult challenge because you have to control momentum. Whether you’re barreling down a racetrack in a hot rod or launching your dirt bike off of jumps, your momentum can make the difference between wiping out and beating the level. Too slow or too fast, and you’re history! If this sounds tough, just wait until someone pulls the floor out from under you… 


That’s right, in some of our free physics games online, you don’t even touch the ground! You will have to learn to control yourself in the air as you dodge obstacles, snatch up coins and power-ups, and race against the clock. In Hyper Jump 3D, one of our favorites, instead of controlling your character, you move the obstacles around! Anyone can fall, but it takes a physics games pro to fall with skill. Show us how it’s done, we dare you!


Ever been crushed by a falling tree? If you don’t pay attention to physics, you just might end up getting pancaked by falling timber in True Hero. Make sure that you measure out the right amount and chop it at the right angle, because that tree has to be your bridge! This isn’t the only game that will test both your lumber-hacking skills and physics mastery, however. You will have to learn to chop quickly and dodge deadly falling branches if you want to impress us with your skills. Will you measure up?

Master These Skills to Become a Pro

You could jump, roll and bounce all day, but if you don’t do it the right way, you’re never going to make it past that first obstacle or achieve that high score. It takes more than just quick hands to become a professional at this free physics games category – it takes skill! What skills, exactly? You will have to master your timing and judgment. You’ll have to think ahead. Most importantly, you will have to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity. There’s no luck here, because physics games are all about finesse, my friend.

Patience & Timing

Don’t just plow ahead without looking at your environment first! If you pay close enough attention, each game will give you clues about obstacles to watch out for. You can even let yourself lose once or twice just so that you can study how the game works a little bit. Once you’ve got a sense of the game, you’ll know how to time your moves. It will take plenty of practice, but it’s much more effective than just smashing the buttons (or tapping the screen) non-stop! 


Even if you have the perfect timing, if you don’t know when you should take action, then you’re still in big trouble! The best physics games challenge you to make tough decisions in the face of unpredictable opponents and environments. You’ll have to quickly decide whether something is a threat or not if you want to stay alive. In other words, your brain will have to react as quickly as your hands!

Thinking Ahead

Alright, so you’ve been patient enough to learn about the game environment. You perfected your timing and made good judgment decisions. Now, if you truly want a high score to be proud of, you’ll have to keep it up for a long time. This is what separates the pros from the beginners: the ability to think ahead. If you’re paying close enough attention, the game will eventually take on a pattern. If you can concentrate and find this pattern, you’ll be able to stay two moves ahead of yourself.

Win on Your Terms

Our favorite part about this free physics games category is the freedom it gives you to set your own play style. Prefer to dive headfirst into trouble? As long as you have the skill, you can do it. If you’re more of a cautious player, you can always play it safe and try to make it as long as you can without being taken out by an obstacle or a bad guy. So, what will it be, fearless adventurer, cautious high-score seeker, or a bit of both? The choice is yours.