Penguin Skip

Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump

It’s lunch time, and those fish aren’t going to catch themselves in this Penguin Skip game! Help our little buddy hop, skip and jump from platform to platform and gather fish that have flopped onto the shore. Gobble up as many fish as you can, and be quick, because these chunks of ice will sink under your weight! Don’t be too quick, though, because if you zig when you should have zagged...SPLASH. Game over!

Unlock Cool Penguin Skip Gear!

Gobble up enough tasty fish, and you will unlock awesome accessories for our hoppy hero to wear! It’s cold out there, after all, so a fancy new hat or scarf is a great idea to keep our buddy warm. We know you will have hours of fun playing this fast-paced, simple arcade game. Let’s see if you can get your Penguin Skip high score over 500!