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Play Penguin Diner online

Help Penny manage a restaurant and earn money! Serve the penguin customers delicious fish dishes and make sure they leave the place as happy as can be! 

Who can play Penguin Diner?

  • Recommended from 6 years and up

  • Difficulty level: easy

How to play the Penguin Diner game

  • Use your mouse to control Penny’s movement by simply clicking on the target location you want her to go to

  • When a new day in the restaurant begins, click on a customer and seat him at one of the free tables

  • Wait until the customer lifts his arm, signaling that he is ready to order, then click on the client to go to him and take his order

  • Wait until food is ready at the bar and then get it to the hungry penguin

  • Collect the money left on the table after they leave

  • Make sure that you do everything as fast as possible, as the penguins get angry if they are left waiting, and then you will get less money for serving them

  • Finish every day in the restaurant by hitting at least the minimum income goal

  • Use the extra earned money to buy skates that make you faster or entertainment and decor that makes the clients happier

  • Unlock new restaurants when you have advanced in the game


  • left mouse click

About the game Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner is a fun and addictive game as it keeps you wanting to play more to upgrade your restaurant with the nicest features and make Penny the best restaurant worker! Penguin Diner is a simulation game, which means it is a game where you have to imitate real-world activities, and in Penguin Diner you can feel as if you are the manager of your own restaurant.

The restaurant concept is pretty popular within games, so if you feel like you could manage some more restaurant work, check out our restaurant games category, where you must serve clients and make food. However, if you wish to prove your skills as a chef, we have a collection of food games about cooking food!


  • Upgrade your character 

  • Improve your restaurant and add features

  • Unlock new restaurants 

  • Save your progress


Web browser (mobile and desktop)

Release date

Penguin Diner was released on February 11, 2021, in web format, but the previous Flash game version dates back to 2008.


Penguin Diner was developed by BigWig


  • Do you need any plug-ins to play Penguin Diner?
    No, the current game format requires no plug-ins such as, for example, Flash player, to be able to play the game.