Those Orbs Don’t Get Along Very Well

The orbs in this Ojello game have decided that they all want to go their separate ways, and they need your help doing it. In this puzzle game, you will need to cut in between the orbs to separate them onto their own areas. Sounds easy, right? Here’s the catch: you only have two slices to make it happen! Good thing there’s a retry button.  

Only The “Sharpest” Wit Succeeds In Ojello

We are particularly fond of this logic game because of how open-ended it is. The game doesn’t tell you to do anything – you have to decide where to make the cuts. You can either dive in and start slashing or sit for a moment and plan out your approach. Here’s a pro tip: try to cut through as many neighboring pairs of orbs as you can in one slice. Will you be sharp enough to make it past level 10 in Ojello?