Ogre Defense

Love Clobbering Things? 

Sometimes, like in this satisfying Ogre Defense game, you just want to smash things. In this case, you’re clobbering your way through lines of monsters as a fearsome, club-toting ogre. Smash them, blow them up, or jump over them – the choice is yours. Vanquishing your attackers isn’t the only objective in this game, though. Make sure you grab as much treasure as you possibly can! You want to get an awesome high score, don’t you?  

How To Stay Alive The Easy Way In Ogre Defense

While there’s nothing wrong with swinging your trusty club, there are easier ways to take out the endless tide of enemies that come to challenge you. Find a shield, for example, and crash into them! Find a bomb and they explode! However you do it, make sure that you take care of them before they get within striking distance. You have three lives in Ogre Defense – make them count!