North Hockey

Rule the Ice in North Hockey

Get ready for smashing strikes and plenty of head-to-head action in this North Hockey game! That penguin puck is just asking for you to clobber it, but you’ll have to get there before your opponent does. The action is turn-based, so you’ll have time to line up your shot and set your power. Send your player hurling at the puck to bank it into the goal! Ready to show off your puck-smashing skills?

Play for Gold or Glory

Do you like the excitement of a friendly wager? Or do you prefer head-to-head hockey for the thrill of the competition? The choice is yours in one of four game modes. That’s why we love this game - it allows you to win the way you want to win. Score gold, earn bragging rights, or even conquer all four modes. Only then will you be crowned the true North Hockey champion.