Who Knew Lamas Were That Graceful?

Wow, somebody must have put some jumping beans in their feed, because in this No Prob-Lamas game, these fuzzy, four-legged creatures are flying through the air! Maybe that’s how they dance to the festive music in the background. If you like to think quickly and shoot for high scores, this clicker game is perfect for you. Tap a llama, and prepare for a pinata explosion! But wait, the llamas have company...a sneaky predator has joined the game.

Avoid the Coyote, and We’ll Have No Prob-Lamas

That creepy coyote, he’s always trying to cause trouble. While you’re racking up an awesome high score by tapping all of the llamas, make sure you avoid the coyote. If you tap on him, it’s game over! Otherwise, just have fun and enjoy this skill-based title. Can you get a high score of 100 or more? No Prob-lamas!