Stickman Army : Team Battle

Stickman Army : Team Battle

Cooking Fast 2 Donuts

Cooking Fast 2 Donuts
Ninja Run

Much More Than Running

Anybody can run. A true ninja runner, however, can flip twenty feet through the air, land on a grain of rice and then jump again – all without making a sound. Ninja Run isn’t just about putting one foot in front of the other really fast. This game is about timing, air control, lightning-fast reflexes and perfect judgment. Don’t believe us? Hop in there and see how long you last! It’s a lot harder than it sounds. If you can master the ninja art of silent, swift movement, however, you just might make it a couple hundred meters.

Old Meets New in Ninja Run

The idea of this ninja running game is simple, just like the original runners that came out more than a decade ago. It’s the execution that’s tough. Run and jump your way through obstacles – that’s it. Within seconds of the start, you’ll be flipping across platforms, leaping over explosive obstacles and trying your best not to be eliminated. How does that happen, you ask? Well, you could smash into a wall while in the air, blow up on some TNT or just miss a platform altogether and land in the water! We said ninja runner, not ninja swimmer. 

How to Max Out Your High Score

There are many little tricks and strategies that you can use to make it farther with each run, but you have to be clever. This game is really challenging, and when you get high enough in the air, you can’t even see the ground, which makes it even tougher. We’ve discovered a number of ways around that issue and several others, though, that we think will help you a lot in this ninja runner game.  

Coins Are More Valuable Than You Think

Coins can offer you much more than points in this ninja runner game if you use them correctly. Notice something about how they’re set up in relation to the platforms? They usually hover directly over each one. This means, even while you’re up in the air and you have no idea if you’re going to land on solid ground or water, you can just aim for the coins! That’s our favorite pro tip, and it will help you to go much, much farther on each run. 

Learn from Each Defeat

The course isn’t exactly the same each time you play it, but there are a lot of similarities. Just because you splashed in the water within five seconds, doesn’t mean you didn’t learn anything. Do your best to memorize where the platforms are. Figure out where those bombs are kept, and take a mental note to avoid them next time. This technique won’t get you 500 meters on the first try, but it will help you to gradually inch farther and farther over time. Think you have mastered the game? Then have a go at a similar game like Sticky Goo.

Use the Double Jump Wisely


We’ve seen this problem time and time again with young and eager ninja running game players. They’re so excited to get a new high score that they double jump every time their feet leave the ground. The truth? That won’t get you very far! Sometimes, a single jump is enough to make it across a gap, but a double jump will overshoot your target and land in the water. Before you decide to double jump, then, make sure you take a peek at your landing area. How much will it take: one jump or two? We would normally tell you “good luck” at this part, but all you need is skill, Ninja Runner! Looking for other running games? Then head over to our designated category for the best of the best running games.