Ninja Run

Ninjas Don’t Run On Treadmills

Ninja Run is far beyond your typical gym workout. When the world’s quickest and deadliest assassins exercise, they have to keep the stakes high. Double jump your way across platforms of unpredictable lengths while you avoid deadly spike pits and even explosives! To become a true master, you must time your double jumps to both avoid the obstacle while ensuring you land back on solid ground. While he may be a great runner, our main character isn’t that strong of a swimmer…

How Long Will You Last In Ninja Run?

Enjoy the classic arcade-style format without worrying about levels or bosses. All you have to do is survive as long as possible as you nimbly skip across hazards and cliffs. The longer you last, the higher your final score will be. Our record is 1,750 – can you beat our score in this Ninja Run game?