Ninja Action

Fast-Paced Ninja Action

Ninja action is a fast-paced platform game with mind-bending jumps and thrilling dodge sequences. As a ninja, you have to prove you are the best at agility and dexterity. Your goal is to collect as many coins as possible. The level is not going to make that goal easy, and you need to navigate carefully by running on the ceiling or the floor and avoid the empty spaces between. Try our free online ninja action game now!

Power Ups

On your journey, you will find power-ups that will help you succeed in this online ninja game challenge. To pick them up, simply run over them and their effect will be activated for a short time during which you will benefit from it. Only one power-up can be active at a time. The first power-up is the magnet. It attracts nearby coins, thus increasing your score: the goal of the game! The magnet has a short range but helps you collect those coin clusters completely where you normally miss one or two coins. The second power-up is the score doubler, or 2X as it appears on the screen. This power-up doubles the number of coins you collect when you collect one. So every time you collect one coin, you will see your score increase by two instead of by one.

Challenging Sequences

The life of a ninja is not easy! Some of the segments in the game will push your acrobatic skills to the limit, as you jump from platform to platform, sometimes very tiny platforms, with very little reaction time between each. Other times there will be plenty of columns to dodge. While the goal of the game is collecting coins, the true test is to not be tempted by greed. Will you leave two coins on the ground if the jump to get them is really hard and testing your ninja skills? Be patient and disciplined, like an agile warrior.

Play Now!

Put on your headband, do some stretches, and jump into this free ninja game online to prove you are the most agile and skilled ninja in the world! Get ready to dodge platforms, collect coins, and beat high scores!