Ninja Action 2

Think Quickly, Stay Alive

Milliseconds matter in Ninja Action 2, the game that requires lightning-fast reflexes and quick decision making. You must guide a rogue ninja as he sprints up (yes, up) two never-ending walls. Jump over obstacles and enemies while you snag as many coins as you can in this thrilling action game. Just one poorly timed jump will spell disaster as your character smacks into a corner or plummets off a cliff!   

“Climb” The Ninja Action 2 Leaderboards

Make it far enough, and you are sure to attract unfriendly attention. Be on the lookout for enemy ninjas who will sprint towards you in groups. You must dodge them quickly or be bested by their blades. Think you’re getting the hang of it? Try to grab the point multipliers, magnets, and other bonuses. With enough practice, you just may sprint and jump your way into our Ninja Action 2 game leaderboards.