Nerdy Pets

How Did They Get In There?

As curious as they are cute, these Nerdy Pets have somehow burrowed their way into a huge pile of bricks. It’s your job to save these poor little guys as quickly as possible. Match blocks of the same color in groups of three or more to drop the pets off the bottom of the screen. Once you rescue all of the pets, the stage is complete! 

Use Everything You Can To Help The Nerdy Pets Escape!

Like any block-breaking game worth its salt, this one gives you a limited number of moves for each stage. You can’t just click to your heart’s content – you have to plan your strategy and use the powerups. Look for extra turns, bombs, and other items that can help you blast away at those bricks more effectively. Ready to rescue some adorable animals? Then boot up this Nerdy Pets game and have a blast!