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What on Earth Happened to that Foot?!

Oh my goodness! What has this person been doing, walking barefoot around nails all day? When your patient first walks in the door in this Nail Doctor game, their foot is in serious trouble. There’s a humongous sore being dined on by a trio of parasites. Splinters stick out of one of the toes like darts in a dartboard. There’s a massive cut across the knuckle, and the whole toe is oozing blood! It’s a really good thing that this person came in today, because this toe isn’t going to last much longer. Get your tools out, because it’s going to be a while.

Use Your Special Nail Doctor Tools

This surgery simulation game puts you in the doctor’s chair, providing every tool you need to fix this disaster of a toe. We love this game because it makes you think – it doesn’t tell you exactly what to do. You just have to choose the right tools to fix all of this foot’s problems. First and foremost, this thing is drier than the Sahara Desert. At least give it a rinse to start with. Dry it off, open your hospital bag and break out those tools. It’s time to go to work.


Cleary, there is an infection going on here – probably more than one. Make sure your syringes are loaded with strong antibacterial solutions and give that toe a poke! Make sure you give the shot right where it’s needed. This will help to calm down all of the redness, pain and so on.


There’s an entire party of parasites going on under that toenail, and nobody was invited. Well, never fear, because tweezers are the ultimate bouncer in this case. Show no mercy, Nail Doctor – all of these little loafers have to go. Pluck them out and get rid of them! Ah, that’s so much better…

Sprayers and Dryers

Even though you’re fixing this foot, it’s going to be really irritated because you’re poking and prodding at it. You also want to make sure that it has plenty of antiseptic sprays to prevent infection, so make sure you make good use of the sprayer tools. Don’t let the spray sit for too long, though – it burns! Get that dryer out and blow it off.


Alright, this part is really unpleasant, but necessary. See that hangnail going on, with all that extra tissue? There’s only one way to get rid of it. Tell the patient to close their eyes and count to ten. Grab the scalpel and cut it all off! If you want to be nice, you should do it quickly and get it over with. 

Much More

You never know who is going to walk in that door, let alone what kind of foot will be attached to that person. A great Nail Doctor has tons of tools on hand to handle any situation. Take a second when you can and get familiar with these items, because you’ll need to use each of them from time to time.

Save the Foot and Celebrate

Finally, after plenty of spraying, wiping, poking and more, you’ve got this foot looking back to normal again. Tell that patient to take care of it so this doesn’t happen again, and then celebrate! Balloons will fly up from the bottom of the screen as a fun minigame. Make sure you only pop balloons of a certain color. Hit the wrong one, you lose! Ready to save the world, one foot at a time? Load up this Nail Doctor game and show us your surgery skills!