Mysterious Treasures

Not All That Glitters is Gold…

You’ve found the map to one of the world’s most Mysterious Treasures – Green Beard’s own stash! There’s only one thing to do: set sail and claim it as your own. Be careful, though. The treasure is guarded by ghosts, and if you take too many of those funny-looking coins, you’ll be in for a surprise. Others were not so cautious when solving the puzzle in the past, and the cursed treasure sank their boats to the ocean floor!

Stay A Move Ahead in Mysterious Treasures

These ghosts are tricky, but with quick thinking and smart logic, you’ll outsmart them for sure. When you grab the gold coins, try to set it up so they have to grab the cursed coins on their turn. This will subtract points from their score. Whoever clears the board with the most treasure wins. Are you brave enough to risk it all in this Mysterious Treasures game, matey?