My Kingdom Solitaire

Play Like Royalty in My Kingdom Solitaire

Of course, you’ve played solitaire before, but in this My Kingdom Solitaire game, you get to play while a band of minstrels plays in the background. The aces are dragons, the queens are beautiful, and the kings are hungry for conquest. Enjoy this card game as it was meant to be enjoyed - with the style and swagger of a medieval kingdom! Uncover all of the cards and build stacks on those fire-breathing aces to win.

Huzzah, Victory!

Congratulations, brave knight, you’ve done it! Before you break into the celebratory ale, however, we have an even greater quest for you. Try to beat the game in less than 5 minutes! If “ye” can do this, you will truly be a legend worthy of the round table. Good luck, fair knight, and remember: in My Kingdom Solitaire, it’s all about bravery, honor, and awesome high scores!