My Kingdom for the Princess

Gee, Thanks a Lot, Dad!

The royal wedding is great, but the honeymoon isn’t quite what you thought it would be in this My Kingdom for the Princess game. Instead of giving you his most prized lands, that shrewd King gave you and your new bride a peasant’s paradise! The way he sees it, if you can turn these lands into a peaceful and prosperous area, you will then earn the right to be king and queen. Roll up your sleeves, it’s time for an adventure.

Get This Town Up and Running in My Kingdom for the Princess

You won’t be ordering officials around from a comfy throne room. You’re going to be getting down in the dirt to help these peasants work the farm. Build your resources, earn money, purchase upgrades to earn food, wood, and crafting upgrades, and make it happen! You have to get all these hearts by nightfall, or you’ll never be royalty in My Kingdom for the Princess.