Mushroom Fall

Farther And Farther Down You Go

In Mushroom Fall, your task is a challenging one. You have to navigate a never-ending maze that is filled with patrolling bat monsters! Drop down platforms and collect coins to earn points. Collect enough coins and you might just earn an impressive powerup (we won’t spoil it here). Steer clear of the bats for long enough and you can earn some pretty serious scores.  

The Quickest Survive In Mushroom Fall

Above all else, you must think quickly if you wish to avoid the monsters in this game. If you take too long to decide where or when to drop, the maze will move on without you! If you make a hasty decision, you may find yourself staring down a ruthless enemy. Don’t worry, the mushroom tokens are here to help. Collect enough of them and you will be granted a shield and the ability to fly through the platforms! So go forward with quickness and confidence – that’s what will win you this Mushroom Fall game.