Play as Your Favorite Stars with these Free Movie Games!

You’ve spent all these years admiring their amazing achievements on the big screen, and now it’s finally time to make your favorite movie characters your own! That’s right, in our free movie games category, you get to play as your silver-screen heroes – living or animated. It’s up to you to decide how they interact with other characters in the game. You also get to affect their decisions when it comes to working their way through the game plot. Will you try to do what they would do, or will you take each challenge on in your own way? The choice is completely up to you – that’s the magic of movie games. You’re the director, the actor, and the stage crew all wrapped up in one. We’ve made sure to include plenty of popular characters that you will recognize from some of your favorite shows, so take a look inside!

Action Heroes

Have you always loved the adrenaline rush of a fast-paced action movie? To help you get your thrills in the game world, we’ve filled our category with some of moviedom’s most popular action heroes. Take control of your favorite fighter, navigate hazardous levels and punch your way through hordes of determined enemies. Confront the villain and create your own alternate ending to the movie that the game is based on. In Ben 10: Vengeance of Vilgax, you can even decide which of Ben’s alien friends make an appearance by using his omnitrix! We love giving players the freedom to make these kinds of decisions on their own, so we’re very happy to bring these engaging and fun titles to you. Prefer to laugh your way through trouble instead of punching? Our free movie games category also has plenty of funny characters to keep you giggling for hours.

Funny Characters

Who says that the main character has to be serious all the time? Sometimes, the best way to solve mysteries and get out of trouble is by not taking the trouble too seriously in the first place. That’s why we love characters like Scooby Doo in Scooby Doo Saving Shaggy and Johnny Bravo in Johnny Bravo’s Big Babe Adventure. Both of these games allow you to inhabit the world of a silly character as you stumble around trying to solve mysteries and rescue people who need your help. These characters are not so much about punching one bad guy after another, but they’ll still do what they have to do to in order to win. These funny characters just want to get home so they can goof around, eat humongous sandwiches and make googly eyes at pretty girls! So, which will it be, a burly action hero or a goofy guy stuck in a crazy situation? The choice is yours.

Reinvent the Story Your Way

Our favorite thing about the online movie games category is that it gives you a chance to completely do things differently in terms of the story. If you’ve ever found yourself yelling at the movie screen because you wish the hero did something differently, now is your chance to do it yourself! Do exactly what you think the character should have done in each situation. Write your own ending by playing the game on your own terms. Put your own personality into the character and change the story altogether. This is your chance to completely reinvent the story, so make sure that you play the way you want to play. Don’t worry about what the character normally would do, because you can just watch the movie for that. If you have more than one idea for how your favorite character should behave, then simply replay the game and see which idea you like best.

Learn More About Your Favorite Characters and Stories

While we were putting this category together, we learned something kind of interesting. By playing these fun games based on movies, we learned things about the characters that we never knew before. Placing each hero in a slightly different environment and/or story can encourage them to make decisions that they may not have made in the movies. Trying out all of their moves and gadgets can also teach you tricks that you never knew they had. If anything, you can use this category to get closer to the characters you already know and love. The next time you watch movies with these characters in them, you might even catch some details that you didn’t notice before playing the games. That’s yet another amazing thing that these free movie games can bring our fans – a totally new look at an already awesome character!

Explore a Vast Variety of Genres

Finally, we’re very excited to bring you this category of games because it spans across multiple genres. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a category to one genre, but if you want a little variety, this is the perfect place for you to sample different types of games. One second, you can singlehandedly fight off an alien invasion, and the next, you could be trying to escape a creepy dungeon and if you're a fan of cartoons, try out our Cartoon Netowrk Games! It’s action, adventure, mystery, and even a little bit of a thriller all rolled into one. Even if you haven’t seen the movies that these characters are in, this is a great introduction to their stories. Hop in this category today to see what we mean. Ready? Action!