Mouse Trap

Smash The Blocks, Get The Mice

We love Mouse Trap because it’s a color-matching game with a purpose. Instead of just tapping aimlessly for points, you have to get these cute, uninvited guests off of the playing area in a limited number of moves. Find groups of three or more identically colored blocks to smash them for points. Be careful what you choose to smash, however, because if the mouse doesn’t fall, you just wasted a turn. 

What’s A Mouse Trap Without Cheese?

Of course, as the levels get more difficult and the mice more plentiful, this game has a built-in support system. Rack up enough points within a round and you will earn some explosive cheese! Detonate the tasty morsel and an entire column of blocks goes poof. Use this and other techniques to slide the floor out from under these little guys in this highly entertaining Mouse Trap game.