Moto Fury

Like to Play it Safe? Then Stay Home

If you’re the pleasure cruise type, then this Moto Fury game is not for you. On the other hand, if you love the thrill of speeding against traffic on a super-powered motorcycle at 120 miles per hour, then show us what you’ve got! Hit the street, swerve to avoid cars and use the brake if you have to. The longer you can last, the more points and cash you will earn.

Unlock Sweet Rides from the Moto Fury Shop

Just like on the real racer circuit, the more risks you take, the more winnings you can earn. Use your coin to unlock awesome bikes at the shop for even better stats, like top speed and handling. Scoop up stars for extra points. If you want the ultimate thrill, stay in the oncoming lane! What kind of Moto Fury racer will you be?