Monsters Up

Monsters Up Will Keep You Guessing

Only the perfectly timed jump will keep you alive in Monsters Up, the game that requires you to hop your way to higher levels. Right from the start, you will have to think and react quickly. In Monsters Up, concrete and wooden platforms slide towards you from off screen, and you have to jump on top of them without getting crushed! What’s more, you have to make sure that each platform is centered on the one below it, or the tower you’re building will fall.

Jump, Level Up, Win!

If you do manage to make it high enough for a star, you will witness an awesome sight – your monster will evolve! After you level up, the tower below you will be straightened out so that you can go for the next star. If you can perfect your timing, you will see your monster evolve again and again into all kinds of crazy colors and appearances. If you’re a quick thinker, our Monsters Up game will entertain you for hours!