Minigolf Master

Become the Minigolf Master

What could be better on a sleepy afternoon than a riveting round of this Minigolf Master game? There are no flashy gimmicks or huge score multipliers here - just you, your putter, and an all-out test of skill. Enjoy tougher challenges with each hole. Simply tap and drag to set your power and angle, and when you’re ready, let her fly! If you’re good, you’ll know how to bank around obstacles and find shortcuts to the hole.

Will Your Performance be Above Par?

As mentioned, each hole will get a little tougher with this arcade-style sports game, and you’ll be told what the par is. If you can make par, that’s great - you’ve scored two stars. A true master, though, doesn’t settle for two. If you can beat par by at least one stroke, you’ll earn the maximum score of three stars. What are you waiting for? Grab your putter and meet us at the Minigolf Master course!