Minigolf Kingdom

Sink Your Shots

If you fancy yourself an ace of sorts, our Minigolf Kingdom game gives you the chance to prove it. You may think the first couple of holes are a breeze, but shortly after you will see all kinds of twists, turns, puddles and sand pits in your path. Patience and creativity will pay with this game, as you will have to tee up again and again until you get it right. Do you have what it takes to play all the way through? 

Rule The Minigolf Kingdom

In this game, each hole is an enticing puzzle in itself. You can plow right through an obstacle or choose to bank your shots around it. You can two-putt your way past almost anything, but don’t get too cocky, as it could cost you valuable strokes. Think you’re the king of precision? Then jump into our minigolf kingdom game and take a shot at the throne!