Mini-O Stars

Prepare for an Epic Space Battle

Get ready to show off some daring moves in Mini-O Stars, the space-based arcade game that requires lightning fast reflexes. Your mission is simple: dash between two walls to collect coins as you avoid the nasty troopers. Tap to turn around if you see one coming. Collect as much loot as you can without crashing into an enemy. If you can make it for long enough, you will power up your ultimate ability - they won’t know what hit them!

Unlock Mini-O Stars and Unleash Awesome Powers!

You start with Luck Skywalker, but if you earn enough coins, you can unlock his cast of friends: Old Master, Her Majesty, Rolly and Chewie. Each character has a unique ability, from slowing down the enemies to even teleporting. These powers don’t last forever, though, so be careful. Best of luck with this Mini-O Stars game, adventurer, and remember: the galaxy is counting on you!