Mini Jump

Time Your Mini Jump Perfectly To Win

It’s not very hard to feel motivated to succeed in this Mini Jump game, considering there are spikes both above and below you! Leap courageously from platform to platform, but beware: if you jump too high you will poke yourself on the spiked ceiling. If you don’t jump high enough, the platform you left from will vanish and you will fall to the spikes below. Life’s a pickle, isn’t it? 

Can You Unlock Them All?

Don’t worry, after a few painful practice runs you will develop a keen sense of jump height and timing. Don’t take too long to decide, though, because the platform you are on won’t stick around forever. Once you’re more confident in your abilities, go for those coins! Grab enough of them and you will unlock all kinds of fun and wacky characters. Best of luck in Mini Jump, and remember – timing is king!