The Best Things Come In Threes, You Know

Whether it’s desserts, Christmas presents or adorable kittens in this Mewtrix game, three is almost always better than one. Our furry friends are coming down from the clouds, and you have to make sure that they have room to land in this Tetris-style arcade game. If you can match 3 kittens of the same color, you will redeem them for points and allow room for their friends! Get ready for a long haul, because this game literally never ends!

Got Your Eyes And The Mewtrix Leaderboard?

If you want a puzzle that challenges you to keep improving your score, just take a look at this game’s leaderboard. The current number-one position has more than 3 million points! It will take creative thinking, patience, and time for you to make it to the top ten. Will you become the next Mewtrix world champion?