Matching Card Heroes

It’s Three Against The Horde…

When evil befell the land, the Matching Cards Heroes bravely set out on a quest to purge the darkness. They need your help to slay the grisly, ghoulish invaders, or they’ll never make it! You have three precious seconds to memorize every card at the beginning of each level. Match two of the same kind to launch a volley of arrows, swing a fearsome sword, or wave your magical wand! If you mismatch, well, prepare to be attacked.

Slay Snarling Beasts in Matching Cards Heroes

Think those little ghouls are tough? They’re just the henchmen! Wait until you fight the giant 5-eyed beast! Every few levels, you will have to take on a boss. While it’s great to focus on attack, you will also want to use potions and shields to restore your health and block attacks. Fight with honor and skill in this Matching Cards Heroes game, and you just might survive!