Mamma Mia Zombies

There Goes The Neighborhood…

Everyone has that one neighbor who plays their music too loud, but in this Mamma Mia Zombies game, they’re doing something much worse – eating people! Apparently, you’re the only guy in the neighborhood who hasn’t been infected yet. You will need to weave around houses and fenced backyards to collect coins so that you can hop a bus out of town. The question is, will they find you?

Show The Mamma Mia Zombies What Steel Tastes Like!

If the Zombies do catch up with you in this cool arcade game, don’t be unprepared. Give them a surprise they will never forget with the swing of an axe! That’s right, if you can find some hardware, you darn well need to use it. It will break after a couple of swings, though, so be careful. Will you make it out of this Mamma Mia Zombies game alive, or will you become one of them?