Mahjong World Contest

You’re Cordially Invited to the Mahjong World Contest of Champions!

The Mahjong community has noticed your talent, and they’ve invited you to compete at the highest level in the Mahjong World Contest game! You’ll get no special treatment among the greats, though. You’ll start at the “Blooming Lotus” table, but if you play your tiles right, you can work your way to the Grand Master level! The pressure is on, so match those tiles as quickly as you can.

Meet Level Goals to Wow the Crowd

This matching game is made even more exciting by the ambitious level goals that you have to meet. There are three layers of difficulty here: move limits, golden tiles, and time. Hey, it’s not a contest of amateurs, after all! Be quick, be efficient, and target those golden tiles whenever you can. Ready to command the mahjong board in Mahjong World Contest?