Mahjong Mania

Don’t Know Chinese? No Problem!

As long as you can match two of the same image, you should be able to achieve a decent score in this Mahjong Mania game. That’s the best part of this game: matching is a universal language! All you have to do is find pairs of tiles, clack them together, and clear the board. There is one rule, though. The tiles that you match have to be free, meaning they aren’t completely surrounded by other tiles.

Match Your Way Through 50 Mahjong Mania Levels

Managed to clear the whole level, did you? Can you do it 49 more times? Even more, are you fast enough to get the gold on each level? We love this game because it doesn’t hold your hand at all – it’s tough! If you want to do well, you’ll need quick thinking and great matching skills. Well, you know the rules, so let’s play Mahjong Mania!