Mahjong Flowers

Become a Matching Master with Mahjong Flowers

Don’t let the relaxing music and cherry blossom petals fool you - this Mahjong Flowers game can be very challenging! Of course, if you’re just playing for fun, easy mode should give you no trouble. If you want to achieve true matching mastery, however, give hard mode a try. Match the tiles until the board is clear. If you want to earn three stars, you’ll have to have a sharp eye and quick hands.

No Time to Dawdle

The longer you take, the more points you lose.  If you want to earn three stars, you will have to clear the board before the meter drops below the gold star. Use the undo feature only if you have to. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be flying through each level like a pro. Get your thinking cap on, because Mahjong Flowers will give your brain a workout!